• DeVita Parke

Breaking The Silence

Breaking the silence means speaking up for oneself. It means taking back the power that the predator thought they held. It means refusing to accept the very thing, we didn’t ask for. It means preventing IT from happening again and to someone else. Voices are meant to be heard, not silenced. We break the silence when we realize that we matter and begin to take our life back! One of the bravest things I’ve done, was tell my story.....my truth.....And not based on what my predator(who happened to be my stepfather and one of my cousins)had shown me. They attempted to show me that  they could violate me and nothing would happen. 

But God! The way HE came in and set me free! 

My recovery depended on me being able to share the ugly memories of my past, which I tried so desperately to avoid....there was simply way too much pain there and I wanted out.

The more I avoided the harder it became to tell the truth and expose my secret. A secret that was literally killing me, slowly. I wanted to be heard, I needed to be heard. I have 4 girls and 1 boy  who depended on me to not allow the same things to happen to them. Silence isn’t golden. It’s a form of captivity, especially when we’re being silenced to cover up hurt.

If you or someone you know has been molested or is being molested, SPEAK UP!

Email us at iJustWant2Help.inc@gmail.com to learn more about the resources that we provide. 

You don’t have to battle this hurt alone!

#Godfirst #iJustWant2HelpInc

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